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Preservative Timber Treatments

Extending the Life of our Timbers

Timber is such a versatile and sustainable construction and landscaping material. At Jon Walker we always endeavour to source our timbers from fully sustainable resources, which usually involve naturally grown and harvested coppiced materials from responsible replanting schemes. Jon Walker Timber products are chain of custody certified. We are also members of the Programme for the Enforcement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Easily worked yet strong the harvested timbers provide an environmentally sound and economical choice for a wide range of building, fencing and garden projects.

But timber is a natural material and is open to the threat of decay from fungi and insect attack. To protect our timbers against this threat we add tried and tested preservative treatments where required.

These pressure treatments are industrially applied from our own facilities and add a very effective and totally safe long term protection to greatly extend the service life of the timber components.

PEFC Certified

TANALISED and TANATONE treated timbers

Treated with the very latest generation TANALITH wood preservative through a proven high pressure process, our TANALISED timbers are designed for use in the most extreme of environments, including permanent exterior use and even in ground or fresh water contact.

The high pressure process drives the TANALITH preservative deep into the timber fibres where it becomes looked into the timber cells and protects against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.

The freshly treated timbers have an initial pale green colouration, which weathers to a warm honey brown and eventually to a silver grey. This change in colour does not mean the level of preservative protection diminishes. The protection is there for the desired service life of the component.

As an alternative we can also supply these timbers treated with TANATONE to give a rich brown colour option built-in. This brown colour weathers gradually over 2-3 seasons but the treated timbers still maintains all the long term preservative properties and benefits of TANALISED timbers.

VAC-VAC treated timbers

For our joinery and construction timbers we can offer a softer, low pressure preservative treatment using VACSOL preservative. This provides a simpler envelope protection around the timber components and ensures there is minimal dimensional change.

The freshly treated timbers maintain a natural colouration. VAC-VAC treated timbers are

mainly used for internal building timber applications. However external joinery and construction timbers used above dpc level can be treated but they must then have an appropriate and well maintained surface coating protection added