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Equal Opportunities

Statement of Intent

In the provision of services and the employment of staff, Jon Walker Timber Products Limited is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for everyone. Throughout its activities, (Jon Walker Timber Products Limited) will treat all people equally, whether they are:

  • Seeking or using our services
  • Applying for a job or already employed by us
  • Contracting to supply us with goods and services

Jon Walker Timber Products Limited is committed to eliminating discrimination and to achieve this Jon Walker Timber Products Limited will not discriminate directly or indirectly through applying conditions or requirements, which cannot shown to be justified. It will not discriminate on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, gender, HIV status, material status, nationality or national origins, race, religious beliefs, responsibility for dependants, sexuality or unrelated criminal conviction

It is the responsibility of every employee of Jon Walker Timber Products Limited to uphold and implement this policy and the direct responsibility of management to manage and plan our activities so as to realise this policy.

Signed: Jon Walker    (Director)